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Community testimonials

Our community has been deeply hurt by public policy, forcing people out of jobs, bringing division in families, in workplaces and in churches.  Although the political, media and medical establishment refuse to see some of the victims they have left behind in their pursuit of a 100% vax rate, their pain is real and their stories are multiplying.  They may not have been given a voice in the public square, but here we welcome their stories.  

Your stories

Carolyn Gaschk, is a very experienced and highly respected registered nurse who  has had her career cut off because of the vacine mandates by Queensland Health. This is her story. 

Ailsa Dwyer tells us how COVID and the resulting policy decisions has impacted her own life, her family and her faith. 

Imagine the pain of losing a child unexpectedly.  That image is painful enough.  Now imagine your child was convinced to take an injection they were told was safe, only for it to kill them.  This is the heartbreaking story of Caitlin Gotze.  

The stories we hear are often recounted in word or video, but there are also some heartbreaking songs now being released.  Julie Elizabeth has been deeply affected by the experimental gene therapy.  After review of her records and tests, her Neurologist agreed that she suffered Immune Mediated Autonomic Neuropathy.  Today she has seen some improvements, but still deals with muscle weakness, joint pain, tremors, fasciculations, paresthesias, heart and blood pressure spikes, muscle spasms, and more.

Everyone keeps telling us (vaccine injured) how rare we are. Everyone keeps saying the vaccines are safe and effective. Everyone keeps reminding us of how many people got the vaccine and are just fine. However, what "everyone says" does not change our reality or the fact that we still need acknowledgment, support, open discussion, research, and help. 

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