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The woke are turning the awake from church

Is Israel about to strike Iran?

The woke are turning the awake from church

Do you feel alone?  End times advice for the remnant believer

Class action launched for vaccine injury

The hour is late - ten signs to watch for

The Nashville shooting and the hatred of Christians

The war on morality, normality and rationality

Qld Police: premillennialism is an ideology of concern

Climate change or climate engineering?

The Dutch and their battle against "the green dragon"

The apostate church twists the Scriptures

Smart city or surveillance city?

Are vax passports on the way?

Is Japan building a smart city or open air prison?

Doctor Office

New service launches in Australia for vax injury support and treatment

How long will the vax injured be ignored?

Medical misinformation needs to be exposed.  Informed consent needs to once again be promoted

World leaders gather to ignore the Creator and worship creation instead

Dr Naomi Wolf gives blistering speech against university vax mandates

In court

Forced lockdowns, vaccinations, mandates but now...they want amnesty

Lockdowns cost lives
new report claims

Health officials are
destroying public 
confidence in the medical industry


WEF on the way to introducing personal carbon allowances to restrict what you buy and eat

For All Major Home Appliances

Sermon in Church

Scottish Pastors may be run out of the country


Unvaccinated Queensland Teachers have
their Pay Docked

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