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Vaccinated v's Unvaccinated - the ongoing censorship

A recent analysis by Alex Berenson, published 21 November 2021, shows that vaccinated UK adults below age 60 are dying at twice the rate of the unvaccinated. His article contains a graph showing that the line of vaccinated death numbers crossed over that of the unvaccinated in April this year and have consistently been higher ever since. That chart is chilling for anyone who has been vaccinated with the experimental Covid-19 vaccines that are still in Clinical Trial phase.

It seems that everyone is suddenly waking up to the fact that the Covid vaccines provide little to no long term protection after four to six months, and during that short time frame the vaccines provide only 1 % (or less) of Absolute Risk Reduction against the virus. Worse, we will all soon have to consider if the vaccines are the cause of the mysterious rise in deaths being observed in the UK and Europe. Vaccines that don’t work but instead kill and maim are the ultimate nightmare for populations that have been coerced and mandated into taking them. The violent protests seen in Rotterdam over the last few days may be the precursor of more to come as social unrest erupts. It is looking more and more as if the politicians have been telling porky-pies in the vaccines-will-save-us argument. If so, confidence in the leadership of advanced western economies is about to take a big plunge. Where will they hide if they become the hunted?

Not too long ago the Left was all about freedom, individual choice, resistance to both authority and the State, plus full-on autonomy to do as one pleases. Not anymore it seems. All that has been reversed in recent times. It is conservatives who are now the champions of liberty, human rights and the right to choose, while leftists have become the new totalitarians, demanding conformity and urging coercion in all things, including health care. They are labelling those of us who dare to think for ourselves, ask questions, and who have legitimate and rational concerns about things like mandatory vaccines as murderers, enemies of humanity and selfish beyond description, and those who have the ability to do so are quite willing to use the full power of the State to deal with us recalcitrants.

A number of these coercive utopians have made this quite clear. One of the most recent was Labor heavyweight and former NSW Premier Bob Carr. He actually said that those who are not vaccinated should be stripped of Medicare and not allowed basic medical care that their taxes have paid for. One news report puts it this way: Former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr has called on the government to follow Singapore’s decision to discontinue free Covid-19 treatment for unvaccinated patients. The Singaporean government announced that from 8 December 2021 residents who were not double vaccinated would have to pay for their medical bills if they contracted the highly-infectious virus while the fully vaccinated would be reimbursed. Mr. Carr said it was time Australians and residents who chose to not be protected to be forced to pay for their “wilful stupidity.”

Guess what Bob: those who are not vaccinated are still human beings, they still pay their taxes and they still deserve dignity and respect – not hatred, abuse and demonisation. There are many people who have very good reasons for being hesitant, but the Left no longer believes in freedom or the right to choose. And other lefties were supporting this ugly push! Graham Richardson happily endorses Carr’s views, carrying on about how 'selfish' folks are and how they are putting his life in danger! Um, I thought the vaccine was the panacea? Get the vaccine – and numerous booster shots – and you are safe: you are protected.

If they believe so fully in the efficacy of the vaccinations then why are they so terrified about – and hateful of – those who are unvaccinated? Does not this reaction tell us that even they do not really believe the vaccine is all that it is made out to be? Either it works or it does not. If it does, then ease up about the unvaccinated. If it does not, then stop demanding that everyone get it, no questions asked. There have been plenty of scientific studies on this by the way, and numerous experts are calling into question the efficacy of these vaccines.

When the State suppresses various early treatment measures and medicines like Ivermectin, and pushes a narrow range of options (lockdowns, vaccines etc.) then you know we are entering dangerous territory. It is clear that Big Pharmaceuticals have far too much power and influence over the decisions of too many governments and politicians. Simply witnessing the new burgeoning crop of 'Big Pharma' billionaires is testimony to all this! Please note: there are reams of facts, figures and research from medical and scientific experts offering alternative information to the mainstream narrative – enough to fill plenty of books already. However, despite widespread medical and scientific questions and doubts that arise, the Left slams anyone who dares to even try to give their voices a hearing. So much for the Left and their concern about choice, autonomy and freedom: all that appears to be a thing of the past. And whatever happened to their mantra about 'my body, my choice?' If it's good enough to be used to kill a human being living inside of you, it should be good enough for an individual to resist the State forcing you to have a questionable substance injected into your body.

Many people now have real concerns and questions pertaining to these Covid vaccines. Few – if any – are “anti-vaxxers”: they have had plenty of vaccines. The present concerns are these new, rushed, experimental vaccines that have not yet completed rigorous clinical trials, but are being pushed onto people. Those who are hesitant are now facing a totalitarian nightmare: losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their ability to feed their families, and all their basic human rights that the State had no right to take from them in the first place. That is NOT choice: it's health-care fascism. “The State will decide what is best for you. Do as you are told or suffer the consequences.”

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